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Our company, due to its experience of more than two decades plays a prominent role on the palette of domestic and international manufacturers of cosmetic products. We have already been present at the birth of many successful brands in Hungary and abroad.

Firm background behind the products

A PRIVATE LABEL manufacturing is a convenient solution for companies with no manufacturing base, who require a firm and highly experienced background for realization. We offer professional development background, unique and proven formulas for these partners. In our laboratory, we use the latest research results and trends under strictly controlled manufacturing processes.

Wide range of products

Our customers can now choose from more than two hundred formulas according to their needs. On our production lines, the range extends from mass products to luxury category and from small-scale manufacturing to orders of higher volume. Due to our development base, we can realise even our customers’ specific needs.

International Trends

With the help of our experts continuously monitoring international trends of the global market, we are able to provide our clients with a unique background in product development.


A wide range of packaging materials is available for selecting the desired appearance. If required, in addition to packaging, realisation of further creative solutions is also possible.

Full range of contract manufacturing: From acquisition of the basic material to delivering the finished product

Due to our well-established and continuously growing infrastructure from preparing the formulas to coordinating the manufacturing operations we control each process with due diligence.



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