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Protection of personal information on the website

The conditions applicable to personal information and materials containing personal information sent to the website are specified in the Privacy Policy available on the website.

The accuracy, integrity and up to date nature of the information

Although we do our best to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information contained on the website, we do not assume liability for any damage arising from any inaccuracy or lack of integrity of the information on the website. Users rely on the materials available from the website at their own risk. Users also acknowledge that it is their responsibility to monitor the changes in the materials and data contained on the website.


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Intellectual property rights

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Warranty and limitation of liability

Users use this website at their own exclusive risk.


This website is owned by Charlotte Cosmetic Kft; therefore, it does not assume any warranty - whether expressed, implied, statutory or otherwise (for example regarding its marketability, satisfactory quality or suitability for a particular purpose) – for the completeness, accuracy, reliability, up to date nature, legitimacy of the website, its interruption- and fault-free functioning, for it being free of viruses, or for the accuracy and reliability of the advice or opinions acquired from Charlotte Cosmetic Kft through the website. Therefore, Charlotte Cosmetic Kft expressly disclaims all statements and warranties in this regard.

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We reserve the right to limit, suspend or deny access to all or parts of this website or any functionality thereof at any time without prior notice.


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Prohibited activity

Users may not engage in any activity considered to be inappropriate by Charlotte Cosmetic Kft within its margin of discretion and/or to be illegal or prohibited pursuant to the legislation applicable to the website, which include:

  • Any activity in violation of the privacy or other rights of individuals (for example, cracking their personal information without their consent);

  • Using the website for the purpose of the defamation or slander of Charlotte Cosmetic Kft, its employees, or any other persons, as well as any conduct damaging the reputation of Charlotte Cosmetic Kft;

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  • For example, the publishing or transmission of materials that we may deem potentially disruptive to the systems or network security of Charlotte Cosmetic Kft or any other persons, or any defamatory, racist, obscene, threatening, pornographic or otherwise illegal material to the website is prohibited.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

Charlotte Cosmetic Kft makes no claims regarding the suitability or availability of the materials and information on the website in all countries and languages.

Updating the legal notice

We reserve the right to amend and modify this notice. In order to review these rules or potentially any new information, please visit this webpage regularly.

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